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    Hey, guys ! how are you? First of all welcome to our website. So are you ready for some gossip? If Yes, then you have come to the perfect website. Here we talk and share our knowledge about various famous celebrities. And by the knowledge, I mean deep dark secrets. Yes, guys, I am the person who will keep you updated with every movement in the celebrity world and make sure you don’t miss on any entertaining or fishy gossip. So, to just stay updated and keep on reading.
    I have been thinking for a very long time now, to write something about someone legendary. Not someone who is still climbing the ladder but someone who already has. It was hard to select the celebrity but I finally found the right choice. So today I will be talking about the ever young and gorgeous Christie Brinkley. Am I sure you all must be knowing her? If you don’t! than better improve your general knowledge. For now, just don’t worry, I will be telling you who she is.Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

    Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before And After

    Christie Brinkley or you may recall her as Christie Lee Hudson. Christie is truly One of the most popular and well known American actress or model. She was born in Michigan, USA in the year 1954 and has turned 63 this February 2nd. She has traveled a long way in her life and gained fame worldwide. Christie began her career in the American entertainment and film industry in the year 1973. Since then she has managed to do pretty well. She is well recognized across the globe. Although it’s more of her stunning figure as a fashion model than being an actress.

    So till now, we know that Christie is a super model. So what do you think can be interesting about a fashion model? The answer is very simple, everything is very interesting about fashion models. From there clothes to their relation, they spill out gold information ( interesting gossip). So today I will be telling you some big secrets about Christie.
    You know why Christie became so famous? A huge credit goes to her perfectly sculpted body, which is all a result of cosmetic surgery. Christie was not satisfied with her earlier bodies, so she finally decided to undergo a number of surgical treatments to improve her looks. So let’s take a closer look at it


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    Christie admits having used botox for neck and forehead. Like, for thousands of cases, things didn’t happen in the desired way for her. Christie regrets to have gone through forehead bottox as it does not allow her the freedom of expression. Also, the buttoxed forehead makes her face look so sad. Though the neck treatment went fine for her. Her new neck is rounded with no wrinkles. He signs of aging are completely wrong.

    What’s is good that she admits having gone through this treatments, unlike any other actress. She says that she made the design to use it just to get rid of wrinkles, and scars. She also used these fillers to fill up her mouth. What’s so bad about it is that it doesn’t look good on Christie,