Hello, guys ! welcome to our website. It’s always good to see you guys reading my blogs and enjoying them. So, to keep you guys happy, it’s my duty to write some more interesting facts about some famous celebrities. I know everyone here is curious about the celebrity lives. We want to know every single detail of their daily life. So, to keep your interest alive, I will be writing about their personal life. I don’t mean their relations, or plastic surgery or any other nasty details. I am here to have a healthy talk. Keeping that in mind, I will be discussing the drinking and eating habits of celebs. It is time for you learn something good from there diet plans for your health and fitness.

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So as I am back after a very long time, its time to start with a bash. In order to do so, today I will be writing about Bollywood’s most popular celebrity. I am talking the handsome hunk (sabkha Bhai ) Salman Khan. I am sure you all must be knowing him. Still for the loners who don’t know him, just read and learn.

Abdul Rashid Salim Salman khan or as you may know Salman Khan ( Sallu Bhai) is Indias most popular Actor. He is also very popularly known for his work as a producer, TV star, singer, and philanthropist. Salman was born in Indore, India, in the year 1965. He started his career at the age of 23. Now, he has spent over 25 years in the industry and has managed to become an integral part of it. Being frank Salman is the most famous Indian celebrity with a fan following of billions of people ranging from beggars to billionaires.
Salman truly is a great man and a terrific actor, but that’s not truly what makes him famous. The biggest reason for his fame is his 6 pack abs and muscular body. According to Indian cinemas, Salman khan was the first person to bring in the concept of muscles and 6 packs. He is a trendsetter. It was after him that people started bodybuilding aiming for a hot and muscular streamlined body

Salman Khan Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Salman Khan Body in Sultan

So, what do you think is the secret behind is health. It’s years of commitment and hard work. Salman khan has a 100 % natural body without the use of any steroid. He believes in a regular workout and healthy diet, which keeps him in a such a good shape. So, for now, we won’t be discussing the workout part, rather we will be focussing on eating habits.

Salman is on a strict protein diet. There was a time when Salman was a Junkie. He used to have all kinds of junk food like pav bhaji, chole bhature, and his favorite Italian food. But his commitment towards his health and fitness made him quit all kinds of unhealthy food. He consumes more than 3000 calories a day, which he manages to burn with his regular workout regime. His diet is sugar and fat-free and majorly consist of proteins. Here is the meal plan of Salman –

BREAKFAST – To start his day energetically he eat 4 egg whites ( scrambled ) and some skimmed or low-fat milk
LUNCH – He likes to stick to Indian food. So he eats salad and vegetables along with 4 – 7 chapatis.
SNACK – He is a real fitness freak. Keeping that in mind, he eats protein bars and maybe some almonds.
DINNER– It’s his favorite meal. So to make it tasty and special. He eats meat/ fish/ chicken, 2 egg whites and vegetable soup.